Full speed ahead

We would like to share with you all important stages in OLAF’s life, however we will be short and precise, don’t worry:)

The Urban backpack will change

We are going to change backpack bottom and back side. Both new panels will be made out of combinations of EVA material and extra padding with specially chosen materials. Why? To improve backpack experience when used as a backpack only (not attached to Urban scooter).

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How I started loving the handle – story of the beta tester

When Boštjan asked me how we are shoot it to present it to the longboard and skate crowd I felt sceptical. It felt kind of wrong – coming from (some skate and much more) snowboard background I share the sentiment of the deck with 90 degree stance and have been mocking the monoskis and the snakeboards of this world. Longboard with handles, hmmm..


But I was an open kid. As soon as I stopped delighting neighbours with my skate exercises I bought me some roller-blades. I know it was a blasphemy but at least I could safely cross the sidewalks as my feet were free. Going to the lectures I always had to carry around some spare snickers, so the backpack was mandatory..