EVA’s new travel buddy

Our friend Eva is a very dynamic person and a busy traveller. As such, her OLAF just had to follow her personal style and preferences.

First, she decided to fully personalise our OLAF scooter-suitcase, and design her own logo to be engraved on the board. She posted a job as a ‘Contest’ on Freelancer.com, the world’s leading freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, where dozens of creatives from all over the world were working on their design proposal.

View all the entries here.

Always receptive to different opinions and ideas, Eva kept the brief very open, and then decided to go with the design that reflected her personality the most.



Our OLAFs ready to explore the world


Dear OLAF backers & fans,

After three years of tweaking with details, we finally almost buried ourselves with OLAF boxes. So, let’s make some space again.

OLAF Urbans are ready to hit the road (actually backpacks arrived). Expect your postman to ring the doorbell really soon. We are shipping air mail.


We feel OLAF

Hi, it’s been a while but hey here we are. Let’s start with our URBAN MODEL.

That’s what you can expect when OLAF finally arrives to your home in the following weeks. We have already explained everything that was modified, however let’s go through it.

We love wood as you can see below! Reinforced beech laminated main board and already mentioned additional wooden trunk multifunctional board.